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​Quicksilvers central fab offers a wide range of lower extremity prescription orthotics that produces exceptional results and cost effective applications. We provide orthotic fabrication services for orthopedic facilities, practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapist and medical professional’s nationwide.

Our custom fab services include. KAFO, KO,PTB, AFO,DAFO,UCBL,SMO, metal and leather double upright KAFO,AFO, shoe lifts and foot orthotics we will fabricated using any manufactures ankle joints or knee joints or materials of your choice. Some of our component suppliers include Becker orthopedic, ots corp, fillauer just to name a few. 

In our orthotic laboratory, Quicksilvers products are made to perform under specific conditions and address a full spectrum of pathologies associated with biomechanical deficiencies, joint and spine deformities, ligament injuries and fractures, muscle weakness and paralysis.

Quicksilvers central fab has 23 years of experience in the orthotic industry designing, manufacturing, and marketing custom fabricated orthotics we have the knowledge and experience to provide your practice with the quality services you need and fast delivery time. Usually one week on most orthotics devices. If you need help with overflow or looking for a full time central fab or maybe you’re already using a central fab and are not completely satisfied with their service or price you have come to the right place. Quicksilvers central fab takes pride in our quality services and low prices and strive for excellence in each orthopedic appliance we fabricate. Providing great customer service and speedy delivery is very important to us. We are committed to giving you the fastest and highest quality service possible.

Custom Prescription Orthotics

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